Saturday, June 23, 2012

Adventure Roots- For Starters

If you are already here in the pages of Adventure Roots, and planning a trip and a lodge to the Kingdom of Gross National Happiness, a term that is frequently associated with the world’s youngest democracy, than you have come to the right place.

And Adventure Roots is nothing short of the embodiment of that expression, as it is also an inspiration of the kingdom’s traditional description as the Land of the Thunder Dragon. 

Adventure Roots is all of that and more. There are dime a dozen tour operators today trying to entice you with a slice of Shangri La. The thought itself is not bad, if it weren’t for the jaded pitch of not knowing exactly what slither of the Last Shangri La they would want you to taste. At Adventure Roots, we have no such delusions. Our experience in the hospitality industry and being the lot that both wants to retain what is a vanishing trait everywhere in the world and sharing that without polluting what makes it such is the difference.

Even the word ‘hospitality’ itself, a natural trait among the Bhutanese, is in danger of becoming clichéd. But there is no denying the fact that hospitality is something that is a quintessential essence and a cultural trait deeply embedded in the Bhutanese consciousness, and at Adventure Roots we are both proud and humbled to be offering and sharing that hospitality. We go out to make sure that we live up to the moniker, in every way, shape and form.

Winds Blow The Prayers While Water Churns The Holy Mantra (Photo*Xochitl Rodriguez)

Photographs of Laya, Lunana, Haa, Paro

Adventure Roots is a fully functional and practical tour company with its bearings firmly rooted in what is quintessentially a Bhutanese characteristic; retaining the ancient as we embrace the modern. Our guides are well versed in the art of not only guiding but going farther by being able to deliver you an experience every bit as Bhutanese as it gets. The Bhutanese are a jovial lot; easy to smile and laugh, and though it be small in size, it more than makes up in its vast flora and fauna, the majestic beauty of the mountains up north, yet unmanned and unpolluted, to all the valleys and hamlets that sit separated by mighty mountains in the north, and the sub tropical pleasant valleys of the south.
Adventure Roots is the tour company if you wanna get more than a whiff and a photograph of a what is indeed a most interesting kingdom- just four years into its first term of democracy, guided by Dharma Kings beloved by all the people, and the march of global forces and the tenious yet exalting atmosphere of bringing the old and the new into harmony.

With Adventure Roots, we make certain that our clients comes as visitors, tour as honored guests and leave the kingdom as friends  with promises of reunion.
In short, we give you the best for the least.

Photographs Courtesy Karma Tshiteem
*For The Spirited Traveler

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mk said...

Wonderful- it makes me dream to be there and
I would like to put some roots in the land of happiness and beauty!